A2B Coast-To-Coast Run (Blog)

Please join me as I run from Anaheim to Boston, aka A2B!! Follow the Journey in the A2B Blog!  I am currently on Leg 113, having covered 667 miles of the 4,300 mile Journey!

This is a virtual journey. After each of my daily runs, I log my miles and move myself forward on the map. Each day, I write about the run, the thoughts, challenges, discoveries, and victories that I experience as I make my way across the country. Occasionally, where the opportunity is given, I will travel to the current location of my journey and run along the actual route! For more information, check out the first run on the A2B Journey, the Story behind A2B, or the Mission Statement.

A2B App
Please follow along during development of  the A2B App!  This new app creates fun, new ways to make running, cycling, swimming, walking, and other activities much more interesting and social.

Leg 111 – Outrunning Ghosts

The A2B Journey – 652.0 Miles, CSP Service Rd, Northern Arizona: The A2B Route continued along the service road that follows the Coal Slurry Pipeline. The Run: Because of high temps and high humidity, I paused frequently between stretches to drink water.  The extra...

Leg 108 – 2nd Place Anger

Seligman and Delgadillo’s inspiration for Pixar’s Cars. . . . Running fast and furious. . . . Out running injury (I hope) . . . . Anger’s place on the the second row.

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