The Run:
Fun run this morning!  Though I stretched quite a bit, I took it easy for my first half mile.  But then I had the urge to pick up the pace more than normal and push a little bit.  So I started listening to music with a faster tempo.  I really enjoyed the music on my iPod today.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that music is a VERY BIG part of my life.  I believe that music can have a very powerful effect on a person.  When it comes to running, music serves several purposes.  Some of the music on my playlists is only good for maintaining pace.  But some of it lifts and inspires.  This becomes important when I hit a wall.  Several songs are pure energy.  I have a few songs set aside for running up hills, Matt Nathanson, SafetySuit, Lee Dewyze, The Format, and MoodSwings to name a few.

I have a series of playlists arranged by Beats Per Minute (BPM).  I currently run to music that plays at 90 BPM.  Several times in each run, I jump up to 95 or 100 BPM and then back to 90.

Each playlist is made up of a very random array of music and styles.  Everything from 70’s to hip-hop. From Top 40 to Jazz.  Country to show tunes.  The only thing in common is the tempo.

During today’s run I got to hear music that I do not get hear very often.  Made me smile a lot!

The Mind:
A new week! With so much to do!

Spent most of the run looking at the week ahead, making objectives and lists, trying to figure out which To Do Items are most critical, etc.

I am thankful for this quiet time to organize the week with a little pre-planning.  Once I get to work, things get busy fast!  Without this time, it would be easy to get lost.

The Journey:
Spent most of the run making my way through residential areas of Temple City, Arcadia, and Irwindale.  Decided to do my cool down on the Toyota Speedway in Irwindale.

My map has a little “You are here!” arrow at 54.8 miles. From here, we will be traveling due east through Ontario, reaching the 100 mile mark at Redlands, CA.  We should be there in 8 – 10 days depending on weather and route distances.