The Run:
Great run this morning!!  There were steady breezes all throughout that kept the heat and humidity at bay.  Plus, there was a nice head wind in the last ¾ mile.  Whenever that happens, I take advantage of it.  I put my arms out like a plane taking off and let the wind cool me down.

I did four speed intervals (aka fartleks) for about a half mile each.  I use music to help maintain a steady pace.  For my normal pace, I use music that plays at about 90 beats per minute.  For my speed intervals, I switch to music that is 95 or 100 beats per minute.  One of my goals is to move the normal pace up to the 95 beats per minute playlist.  (Another goal is to work on lengthening my stride.  That will require that I do a different kind of speed work on a track.)  On runs like I had today, my body and mind can feel the time approaching where I will move to the faster steady pace.  And I get excited!

The Mind:
Thoughts about work and vacation battled for front stage in my mind.

First, I considered a conference call for work that I will be facilitating this morning.  There is a lot to cover in a very short period of time (30 minutes)!  The order of the discussion is important.  So I reviewed the agenda several times in my mind to make sure we cover everything well.

Next, I will be in New York City later today on vacation with my two youngest children.  I am so excited I can barely stand it!  This trip has become an annual tradition.  There is always a lot to explore and do! We always have a great time!

In the end, vacation with my kids proved to be dominant.

The Journey – 168.7 Miles:
Welcome to the Mojave Desert!  The attached picture is my current view in just about any direction.  The next 120 miles of desert terrain should be interesting as far as things to do and see on the A2B Route!

I did manage to pass by Noah Purifoy’s “Outdoor Desert Art Museum.”  This museum is on 7.5 acres of open land.  The site consists of assemblage pieces made with “junk” bits like hamburger wrappers, broken computer keyboards, or glass fragments.  Looks like a fun place for some Instagram style posts.