The Journey – 443.0 Miles:
This leg of the A2B Journey is another major milestone!!  Welcome to Arizona!!

Nevada and Las Vegas were a blast!!  I got to do a few Run-By’s for family and friends.    I really appreciate their kindness and enthusiasm!

Of course, Las Vegas is always an adventure.  I got to go places that I have never been or never knew existed!

Now, it’s off to the Grand Canyon.  I am excited to see what awaits in Arizona!

The Run:
The mornings are getting cooler.  Temperatures in the low 40’s mean that it is time for running in long sleeves!

Today’s run was a little lonely. I did not see a lot of people out this morning.  There were times when it was just me.  I could see no other runners or walkers anywhere.  Cars too.

I was not quite sure what to think at first.  I enjoy saying “Hello!” or “Good morning!” to the runners and walkers that I encounter. (Plus, I like trying to pass runners in front of me.)  But, I decided to enjoy the solitude of my long run on this gray, windy morning.

The Mind:
Early in the run, my iPod played “Song For A Friend” by Jason Mraz.  I had not heard this song in quite some time.  In fact, I did not even know that it was part of my running playlist.  I had forgotten how much I like that song.  I especially love the lyrics at the end.

“Climb up over the top.
Survey the state of the soul.
You’ve got to find out for yourself whether or not you’re truly trying.

Why not give it a shot?
Shake it. Take control. And inevitably wind up
Finding for yourself all the strengths that you have inside of you.”

It is a reminder to me that discovering all of your gifts always requires effort and honest self-examination (and sometimes adversity).  The same applies to developing those gifts.

In recent years, I have found that asking myself if I am really trying eventually gives me the resolve to push through the discouraging moments.  Often, it leads to the re-realization that I have a choice.  I can let life happen to me.  Or, I can take control.

I love the, “Why not give it a shot?” suggestion.  Don’t just dream. Do!

And it is only while “doing” that the greatest self-discoveries occur.  I genuinely believe this. That is why one of the taglines for this blog is “Discover Your Personal Best Between A2B.”

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