The Journey – 461.5 Miles:
Today’s leg of the A2B Journey was absolutely quiet and uneventful. The route ran south on US Highway 93 in Arizona.  I finished the run at the intersection of Hwy 93 and Temple Bar Road, which leads to the Temple Bar Marina on Lake Mead.  This part of the route was a steady stream of cool morning desert scenes. Except for the rare passing vehicle, no civilization in sight.

The Run:
I got up late.  Very late!

I typically do not like late morning runs.  Part of it stems from my frustration at having already lost a good part of the day.  Mostly though, my body does not like to run at or after the normal breakfast time.  Eating before a run is not an option. So in the past, I would just run feeling a little famished.

I discovered, however, that if I eat a couple of Sports Beans while stretching, my body is adequately distracted from hunger until after the run.  Plus, it gets a tiny shot of protein.

The route for today’s long run was not particularly challenging, except for a steady one mile climb at mile 5.

Instead of running the last 3 miles as planned, I changed the route to explore some roads and paths that were new to me.  I love doing this because I never know what I might discover!  For example, I found some older homes that had been interestingly renovated.  Also, I ran by a retail center with some fun-looking restaurants and shops.  I made a mental note to take a closer look later.

In the end, my little detour only cost me an extra ½ mile.  But, it was worth it to satisfy a bit of wanderlust.

The Mind:
As I ran, I thought about the moments that change the course of a life and, therefore, of lives (since no man is an island).  In books and movies, we often see these events surrounded with a certain measure of drama, climactic music, and/or fanfare. The profound impact is explicit and obvious.

When these moments do occur in our lives, they often follow the same pattern portrayed in stories.  For example, the birth of a child, the loss of someone or something cherished, etc.

But, for me, the greatest life-changing moments have happened very quietly.  No loud explosions. No grand flashes of light.  No immediate outward change. And no reaction.  Rather these moments are inward, peaceful, and undeniable.  They provide vision and clarity that set direction, determination, and resolve.

I am thankful for these rare, powerful occasions that have occurred throughout my life.  I am thankful for those with whom I have been able to share them.

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