The Journey – 206.7 Miles:
The A2B Journey moved another 5 miles closer to Boston!  I am still running through the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.  In fact, I am at about the midpoint of my run across the base.

The Run:
I woke up early. So it was nice and cool, though it didn’t last long.  After about 3 miles, I was glad that I brought a frozen water bottle.

I switched to a much faster pace during the last mile just to see how far I could go at that pace and how I would feel.  I made it the entire mile. I was very excited!!

The Mind:
I spent some time thinking about some races that I want to run and what it will take to prepare for them.  Also, I considered whether or not the races on my list align to my running goals.  As a result, a few had to drop off the list.