The Run:
Today’s blog entry will be short.  I am on a cross country road trip with my daughter.  My actual run this morning was in Kansas City, Missouri.  It was nice and cool, with hardly any humidity. Surprisingly, there was a steady stream of long but mild rolling hills.  Plus I got to start by running uphill. I don’t like starting a run going downhill. Given the choice, I will always take the uphill start. But I love ending with a downhill dash to the finish line!!  So that made this morning’s workout extra fun!

I want to say how much I loved running and moving after sitting idle in the car for extended periods of time.  Made me extra happy to be running!

The Mind:
As I ran today, I thought about all of the sights that I have taken in over the past few days. The earth from 36,ooo feet, the top side of clouds, the snow-capped peaks of the western Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the seeming unending flatness of the Plains States, etc.  What an amazing world we live in!  It is beautiful! And there is SO much more to see and experience!

I am thankful not only that I get see a little bit of the beauty of this earth, but also that I get to share these experiences with my daughter!

The Journey – 128.2 Miles:
The virtual run took me 5 miles out of Banning running parallel to I-10 . (The A2B Journey map does not travel on any federal interstates. This lets me find and see interesting places.)  I ended in front of the very large Desert Hills Premium Outlet Center (over 130 stores) in Cabazon, CA.