The Journey – 582.5 Miles, Peach Springs, Arizona:
Leg 00102 - Lower Granite Gorge Canyon RimsAnother 6.5 miles down the A2B Route.  Now, only about 16 miles from Peach Springs.

This stretch of Buck and Doe Road definitely falls into the category of “road less travelled.”  It is very rugged and quiet.  The views, however, can be breathtaking.

The Run:
I was unusually sore this morning, especially my left hip.  So I took some extra time stretching my hip  and every other part of my legs.

The first part of my run today was uphill for a good mile. Always a nice challenge to open the day!  The course crested very briefly, then did a long zig-zag down to a creek bed.  After following the creek for a few hundred yards, I slowly ascended for several miles back to where I started, finishing a nice long loop.

Because of the pre-run soreness, I took the time to grab a Gatorade out of my fridge and cooled down for about a half mile or so.  When I finally got back home, I stretched for another 15-20 minutes.

The Mind (Thoughts While Running):
I bounced through social media while stretching.  I always find fun and interesting things. This morning, I stumbled across a post from a wonderful friend.  It was one of those things that left me laughing and smiling for a long while.

She shared a short conversation between two of her sons (ages 5 & 6).  It went like this.

Hero-Envy-Hulk-Superman6 Year Old: Who do you think is stronger Superman or the Hulk?
5 Year Old: Superman because he can punch Hulk in the wiener and fly away.
6 Year Old: Yay, he could fly to the sun and get stronger and the Hulk can’t touch him.
5 Year Old: Imagine how mad the Hulk would be.

I laughed, snickered, and grinned all the way through my run!

What a brilliant exchange between brothers!

I really love how they automatically chose to measure Superman’s strength by the creative use and application of his superpower. And if that wasn’t enough, these little Clark Kent juniors quickly pointed out where Superman could go to increase/intensify his strength.  Oddly, the Hulks anger about the whole situation would increase his strength as well!

Gotta love little boy logic and imagination. (Yes! Logic and imagination can coexist quite beautifully!)

Somewhere in the last couple of miles of this morning’s run, I found myself in full geek / little boy mode.   I wondered what super power I might like to have.  Or better yet, what if I already have a superpower and just don’t know it yet?  What would it be?  Both ideas were fun to think about!

I thought about how I could use my super power to change the world. (Or at least to make the Hulk really, really mad!!!)

It was at about that point where I ran out of road for the morning.  I decided that I should make a point to ponder further my future with superpowers on another run.

So what’s your superpower?

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