The Run:
Short Run today.  Just 4 miles.  I needed to be at work earlier than normal so that I can leave a little early.  Heading to Nashville tonight.  It is the first leg on my trip to Montana for my daughter’s high school graduation!!  I’m so excited!!!

One of the safety rules I have when running is eye contact! Whenever I have to leave the sidewalk, I look for traffic and attempt to make eye contact with drivers. This is most important, perhaps, at neighborhood entrances and roads that empty onto a main road.  As vehicles are approaching the intersection, most drivers are concentrating on main road traffic to see when they can pull out.  These folks are not looking for and do not immediately see walkers, runners, and cyclist until they have come to a full stop. And even then, they still may not see you.

When we do make eye contact, there is usually acknowledgement. And they wait for me to pass.  In this scenario, I always make a point to wave and say ‘Thank You!’  Sometimes, however, the driver will glance at me then look back out at the main road to see if there is a window to hurry up and pull out. In this case, I immediately plan to pass behind them.  If given the opportunity, I will signal to the driver my intention to run behind the vehicle.

When no eye contact is made, I will again plan to run through the intersection behind the vehicle. I then will try to make the eye-to-eye connection with the next vehicle in line, if there is one.

Even after all of that, runners still have to keep their eyes peeled and be on the ready!

This morning was one of those rare situations where I was certain that a driver and I made eye contact. However, the driver kept moving. I stopped and ran backward a couple of steps before he realized what was happening. It scared him more than me. We both apologized and moved on.

For the most part, the roads and sidewalks are safe. But if you are out running, please always pay attention! Be aware of everything around you! Always keep your guard up. Most importantly, continually plan a few steps ahead. Remember, if you are prepared, there is nothing to fear. You are then free to enjoy your run.

The Journey – 106.7 Miles:
The A2B Route is going currently being redrawn to pass through/by places like Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, etc.  I am already getting excited about Las Vegas!  If you have suggestions about places to run by, please let me know!

Today’s run took me through countryside south of Redlands, CA on San Timoteo Canyon Road. Lots of gorgeous orange orchards and horse training stables.  Beautiful homes lightly dotted the already stunning landscape.

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