The Run  
Short run this morning.  Barely saw it go by.

The Mind
Running is sort of my Cathedral, my meditation time. (And yes, I borrowed that last line from Billy Joel.)  So when I am running, I process the things that are weighing most heavily on my mind.  Sometimes, the mundane occupies front stage. For example, today I thought a lot about the coming week.  Building the itineraries, agendas, and checklists for the week.  (More on this, I’m sure, in future blogs.)  I also thought about the menu for a Monday night dinner that I am hosting for some good friends.

But then, my mind always turns to weightier matters.  The matter du jour was change and uncertainty.  I am experiencing some major shifts in my life.  Changes in my employment, where I live, and other personal items mean a lot of uncertainty in the near term.

Change and uncertainty.  A double edge sword.

I get very excited about the changes in my life!  I am less enthusiastic about the uncertainty.  In fact, you could say that uncertainty is the source of some amount of stress for me.  You see, my mind has a very bad habit.  Left unattended, it loses focus and rolls downhill (Stupid gravity!!) into uncertainty with all of its anxiety, senseless speculation, and worry.  But as I run, I remind myself that I have a choice.  I can direct my thoughts towards the positive changes that give me energy.  As I shift my focus to the “Change” side of the sword, it occurs to me that I have complete control over the changes in my life. I can choose what I do today and, therefore, the results I get tomorrow.

On the other hand, I have little control over uncertainty.  Most of it is just in my head, anyway.  All made up. Fiction. Not real.

So now that my run is complete, I have endorphins coursing through my veins! And I have a positive and correct focus looking forward!  Cool start to the weekend!!

The Journey
I am 10.25 along my A2B Journey.  Today I finished up at La Mirada Blvd & Excelsior Drive in La Mirada, CA right by the La Mirada Theatre.