The Journey – 314.4 Miles:
Today was a big “first” as the A2B Journey sees and crosses its first state line!!!  Just before Mile 312, the A2B Route left California and crossed into Nevada!

California was certainly a grand opening adventure for the A2B Journey.  Every day was something new!  Plus I got to do a couple of virtual “Run Bys” past the homes several family members!  I have loved going back a re-reading all of the California posts.

As always, I am thankful beyond words for the encouragement and support of all my family, friends and A2B followers.  Thank you for your participation and comments.

Now, on to and through southern Nevada.  First stop is in Primm, Nevada, a small 3 casino town. This town serves gamblers from Southern California wanting to stop before reaching Las Vegas 40 miles to the north. Also, it is a last chance stop to gamble before leaving Nevada.

The Run:
The heat and humidity hit me hard as soon as I stepped outside for my run. I knew that I would need more than one bottle of water to stay hydrated.  Fortunately, I had planned to run a route that is straight out and back, instead of a loop.  So I grabbed two bottles out of the freezer, one water and one Gatorade.

At first, I ran with both bottles.  After the first mile, I dropped the still frozen Gatorade bottle on a big, orange road construction barrel.  For the next few miles, I drank the water as it melted. By mile 4, the water was all gone.

For the next mile, I was thankful for past experience that has taught me to plan ahead. Especially during the height of summer heat!  When I returned to the roadside barrel, the half melted Gatorade was waiting to help finish out the run.

The Mind:
The day job has been particularly demanding lately.  It consumes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and thought these days.   I received a note at the very end of the day yesterday (Friday) from my boss, who I love working for. (And no! My boss does not read this blog.)  She was giving me a heads up about a few big issues that are likely to come down on Monday.  So, of course, I spent a good part of my Saturday morning run thinking about a couple of meetings that I will need to attend on Monday!

There was a point when I realized that I was not enjoying this run.  A quick internal survey told me that, while it was extremely hot, my body seemed to be working properly.  So, no physical issues.  It did not take long to figure out that my preoccupation with work was getting in the way of my run.

It reminded me of something I once read in a book (by Steve Chandler, I think).  “Preoccupation is the enemy of all achievement.” I remembered that I really did not grasp that concept at first.  But when you consider that we become whatever it is we give our thoughts to, then it begins to make sense.

In the name due diligence, I considered whether or not my Monday work meetings had anything to do with the goals and things that are most important to me. Or, perhaps anything that I might find enjoyable. . . . Silence.

So then, my thoughts turn to the following logic.  If I become what I think about, and I can choose what I want to think about, then what do I want to think about and become?

With that criteria, my choices narrowed down to 1) my children, 2) music, and 3) running.

For the remainder of the run, I focused a few minutes on each item.  First, I thought about things I should do to prepare for a potential visit from my oldest son next week.  Next, now that I have been taking piano lessons for a few months, I thought about how I might want to revise or adjust my musical goals for the next couple of years.  For example, I have decided that I want to be able to look at a piece of music and play it in any key. Until this morning, I did not know how I might go about learning how to develop that ability. But now I have a few ideas, one in particular,  that might be the ticket.  Finally, my thoughts turned toward A2B.  There is so much I want and need to do with A2B.  The reality is that I could do A2B full time, all day long, and love every minute of it.  And honestly, the last part of the run was devoted to asking myself, “Why not?” and “How can I?”  Fun and powerful questions to consider.  The more I think about it, the more ideas pop into my head. The range of possibilities begin to expand rapidly.

As I finished my run today, I feel empowered and strong.  Quite the contrast to how I started my run.  And while cooling down, I thought about ways to find and encourage others to consider the “Why not?” question.  To be limitless and positive in their thinking. Again, lots of ideas!!

With that in mind, look for some announcements and more information later this week on how you can begin to participate in A2B.  Either with me, or on your own A2B Journey.  Until then, please share your thoughts!  Would love to hear from you!!!

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