The Run:
Ran a little later than normal.  So the run was hotter than normal! Glad I had plenty of water available.  In spite of the heat, it was a beautiful morning.

The Mind:
I got to do the actual run in Nashville.  I am here to catch a flight today to Helena, Montana for my oldest daughter’s high school graduation.  I am so proud of her!!  I am even more excited to see her and my other children. I spent a good part of the run thinking about them and the things that we will do together over the next few days.  It is usually wall-to-wall fun when we are together!

I also thought about how remarkable it is to fly!  I love seeing the world from 30,000 feet.  While at airports, I like watching the giant jetliners take off and land.  It always amazes me to see these huge pieces of machinery and sculpted metal smoothly lift up and ascend.  I likewise watch with awe as they line up with the runway and gently touch back down.

It reminds me that the laws of the universe are consistent and precise.  So much so, that we can leverage them to fly, communicate, heal, make beautiful music, and countless other things.  As I consider all of this, it occurs to me that the laws of the universe are functional and purposeful.  Not much randomness there.

For now, I am especially glad that the technology is available that will let me be with my kids in a few short hours!!

The Journey – 112.2 Miles:
Today was a solitude run on the A2B Run as I continued another 5 ½ miles down San Timoteo Canyon Road.  Lots of breathtaking vistas with an occasional mini-mansion.  There was a neat little campground, the Halo Resort, that looked fun.  I ended the run at the neighborhood entrance to Parkway Canyon on the outer edges of  Beaumont, CA.