The Run:
I have been taking time to stretch a lot before and after my runs, as well as before bed.  This extra effort is paying off.  The IT Band and Quads on my left leg are doing much better.  They felt really good on this morning’s run.  I will continue to stretch and monitor for another few weeks.  In July, I want to start doing speedwork to help me reach my next time goal and a new Personal Record.

The Journey – 84.9 Miles:
The A2B Route continued another 5½ miles eastward on East Fourth Street / San Bernardino Avenue.  Today’s run took me passed a curious array of landmarks.  In the first mile, I ran along the north parking lot of Ontario Mills Shopping Mall.  This mall was built on part of the former site of the Ontario Motor Speedway.  Oddly, a few miles later, I ran by the Auto Club Speedway which was built on the former site of the Kaiser Steel mill. (Interestingly, in less than a week, I have run by three auto racing facilities.)  The last leg of this peculiar real estate development relay took me alongside the 450 acre site for California Steel Industries.

So I ran by a mall that used to be a motor speedway, then a motor speedway that used to be a steel mill, and then a steel mill.  I wonder what the steel mill used to be.  Hmmmm . . . .