The Run
Rain storms throughout the night left behind dreary clouds and a wet breeze that made it seem cooler than the thermometer revealed. In such cases, one is tempted to put some warmer clothes on.  But thank goodness for the 20 Degree Rule.  This runner’s rule of thumb suggests that you should dress for the temperature in which you will be running plus 20 degrees.  So, this morning, my smart phone weather app told me it was 54 degrees outside.  Given that, I should dress as if it were 74 degrees outside. So, off I went in a pair of shorts and t-shirt.  A little cold at first. But perfect after the first mile.

The Mind
As I ran, my mind was swirling around thoughts and dreams that I have been having lately with increasing frequency.  I want to move my life in a completely different direction. I have some very clear and specific milestones and objectives.  In my thoughts and dreams, I can explicitly see myself at each stage and destination.  But the practical part of me cannot see any real or logical way to get there.  It’s like you can see it, but can’t get there from here.  The analyst in me wants to define the path, process, and steps to get there.  But I cannot see it . . . .yet.

So on my run this morning, I thought about the principle, “Faith without works is dead.”

Belief without action . . . .

I do not know how my dreams will be realized. But I believe them.

So, each day, I get busy with action and doing.   My motivation is in the hope that the combination of faith and works, of belief and action, will create and reveal the path that leads me there.

The Journey
I am 23.3 miles into the A2B run!  Finished up today’s run on Telegraph Road in East LA! To my left is the paradoxically romantic sounding Santa Ana Freeway. To my right, the Best Way Marble Company.  While virtually camping on their curb until the next run, I took some time to click through their on-line show room.  Their work is beautiful and impressive.

Looking ahead, I am excited. I will be passing through my cousin, Mallory’s, neighborhood on Wednesday or Thursday’s run!  It will be my first of many virtual “run –by’s!!”  So, let’s see . . . . . what funky little thing can I do to commemorate each run-by?  Something akin to an end zone victory dance.  Suggestions (along with instructional videos) are much appreciated!!!